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Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation

Fine-tune your lawn sprinkler system to save Water and Money!
We help homeowners and businesses reduce their water use, keep landscapes more attractive and healthy -and save money on water bills with "Smart" irrigation technology.

Smart Irrigation Controller - can reduce water use by up to 50%
Hunter | Hydrawise cloud based software uses local weather stations and weather forecasts to automatically adjust the watering times of your irrigation zones. Connect to the internet and control your system worldwide via your smartphone, tablet, web browser - plus Amazon Alexa or Control4. We can UPGRADE or RETROFIT your system to a Wi-Fi Controller!
• Hunter Hydrawise

Rain Sensor - can reduce water use by 35%
This water saving device automatically prevents your sprinklers from coming on during or after rainfall (included in all our installations). A full line of sensors can be retrofitted to any system.
• Hunter Rain Sensors • Rain Bird Sensors

Drip Irrigation - can reduce water use by 30-70%
Minimizes evaporative water loss, runoff and overspray by watering directly to the roots. Plants, flowers and trees absorb water directly: creating deep, healthy roots requiring less water.
• Rain Bird Drip Irrigation • Hunter Drip Irrigation

Maintenance and Inspections - a well maintained system, is an efficient system!
Proper maintenance provides optimum water efficiency and increases the life of components.
• Request Spring Inspection

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